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In July 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma... the doctors gave me 3-6 months to live. I felt isolated an alone. Like most people I turned to the internet for answers, clicking around for any sign of hope, desperately looking to see if there was anybody out there who had made it through.


Instead all I found was grim statistics and outdated, unemotional blogs and message boards. It wasn't until I was visited by a family friend who shared his story of overcoming paralysis, that I rejected my prognosis and looked for a treatment and mindset that gave me a fighting chance.


In the midst of my battle and recovery, I sought out and surrounded myself with stories of hope, encouragement, and life-giving inspiration. What we look at and think about really does have an effect on our bodies and I truly believe that it was integral to defeating cancer.


While living in Venice, I serendipitously met Justin Grado whose expertise is in online video and building communities. After meeting several stage 4 survivors at a conference, and learning how they too wanted to share their stores but had no place to do such, Justin and I started discussing a way we could help by building a platform for these individuals to make something productive arise from their tragedies: pass along the inspiration to those newly diagnosed and fighting the darkest days of their lives.


I want there to be more to my story than just words... ~ Jordan Lawhead, Co-Founder

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